I don’t find the Sarah Silverman clip below funny (it is actually quite offensive, so be warned), but the fact that it is supposed to be confirms what I have been saying about the pro-abort mindset.

As far as I can tell, this is an attempt at satire. It is about making fun of a particular mindset and the people who hold to it. I’m not exactly sure who Silverman is mocking here, but there are only two possibilities. She is either taking a shot at the advice giving friends or the Silverman character herself.  Either way it supports the same point – that the pro-abortion movement is about nothing more high-minded than narcissistic sexual licentiousness.

If the moralistic friends are the brunt of the joke, it is because they don’t realize what a handy and consequence free (indeed quite pleasing) birth-control device abortion really is. And if the Silverman character is being mocked, it is because she is convinced that a serious issue like abortion is equivalent to taking a 12 year old who has the measles to a friendly pediatrician. Either way the sketch only makes sense if such people like the Silverman character actually exist. They do. The fact is, the attitude displayed by the Silverman character is foundational to the pro-abortion movement. For this group, regardless of what they might say, abortion has nothing to do with saving women’s lives or helping the downtrodden and abused. It is about being able to conveniently escape from responsibility by killing a child.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries