Suggestions and Resources for Making the Most of a Convinced Screening in Your Area

Get the Word Out!

Let everyone know when and where the screening will be:

Plan to Follow Up After the Film

There are many ways to extend the impact of the screening and build on the momentum and excitement that it will bring to those who attend. Here are a few:

  • Hand out flyers after the screening inviting folks to your parish and letting them know a little about the amazing things going on there.
  • Host a discussion time about the film. (Click here for discussion questions.) An easy way to facilitate this is to use already existing groups within your parish. For example, invite the adult faith formation classes to the film and then use the following week’s meeting to talk about Convinced. This works equally well for RCIA, high school or college groups, etc.
  • Have DVDs available for purchase or as a gift to those attending. (Some theaters do not allow the sale of items after a screening, so please clarify the policy before the evening arrives. If they do not, they can be made available at Church the following weekend, etc.)

DVDs can be purchased from one of many retail outlets or, if you would like to place a bulk order at wholesale prices, please contact us directly.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries