Democrats are trying to get religion, according to this week’s Time. Unfortunately for America, their attempt seems to center around changing the way they speak about certain party platforms rather than actually changing the platforms themselves.

…much of the proposed repositioning among the Democrats has more to do
with marketing than with changing the party’s traditional stands on
social issues. Central to the efforts is a linguist, George Lakoff of
the University of California, Berkeley. He says Democrats keep losing
elections because Republicans have framed moral issues about gay
unions, for instance, with clever phrases like "defense of marriage."

They just don’t get it. Talking more about the Biblical dimension of helping the poor or finding handy phrases with which to pepper speeches about homosexuality isn’t going to bring religious people running back to the Democratic party. That is because the main reason religious folks left the party is their fanatical adherence to the "right" to kill preborn babies. As Terry Eastland writes in today’s Washington Times, attaching themselves unreservedly to Roe vs Wade was one of the dumbest thing Democrats ever did.

Religious people rank the legal murder of defenseless humans as higher on the importance scale than anything else. And rightly so. (Read this great editorial from Touchstone about the ranking of moral issues.) We are living during a holocaust. One day we will look back on this period in a similar way as we look back at the killing of the Jews by the Nazis. At the time, there was a lot of debate about different social issues in the world. But only one thing should have been preeminent.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries