If you aren’t making effective use of video, your organization is missing out!

Did you know:

  • 96% of church websites fail to make a good first impression.
  • Including video on landing pages can increase traffic to the rest of a website by 80%.
  • The average US adult watches almost 6 hours of video a day, and a large portion of that takes place on his or her phone.
  • Brands that use video marketing grow their year over year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

The simple fact is that in today’s visual culture, video garners more attention, gets more shares on social media, and is more engaging than text or print media. If you want to have as great as impact as possible for your church or non-profit, the bottom line is that you should be using visual media. Whether that is to introduce your ministry on your website’s homepage or promote an upcoming event, video is now an essential tool for telling your story.

But not just any video will do. Because there are so many millions of hours of video being produced every day, viewers are discriminating. If a clip doesn’t have their attention for even a second, they scroll or click to the next thing in the feed.

I believe that is one reason more more churches and non-profits aren’t using video. They would like to, but they don’t have the budget to hire a full time videographer on staff or bring in a professional film crew to produce something that people will watch. As someone with over 25 years in Christian ministry experience, I totally understand.

But as a professional documentary filmmaker, I also understand that it is possible to make a great video without breaking the bank. And I would love to help you do that. Here are some of the services I offer. (Each can include consultation, writing services, and voiceover work, if desired.)

Introductory Videos

Tell your story! A short intro video is a great way to let people know who you are. This type of video is perfect for you website’s landing page.

Fundraising Videos

If you have a large capital campaign coming up or just need to raise a few extra dollars to finish a smaller project, a fundraising video is a great way to go. However, not just any video will do; there is a certain way to share the vision that actually gets results, and that is what you will get.

Advertising/Marketing Videos

Do you have a big event coming up? Or perhaps you are new in town and need to get the word out? These short videos are perfect for social media campaigns and email blasts.

Custom Videos

Video can be used for any occasion, from commemorating a retiring colleague to celebrating the anniversary of your organization. Here is a video I produced for the California Association of Natural Family Planning to show at their HV50 Conference.

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