Why Christianity is the Worldview that Best Supports Science

Why Christianity is the Worldview that Best Supports Science

Does the success of the scientific method suggest that the Christian worldview is false? Adam Savage seems to think so. The Mythbusters star gave one of the most popular speeches at this year’s “Reason Rally” in Washington D.C. In it he celebrated the many ways in...

Why Christianity is more Reasonable and Scientific than Atheism

Don Johnson Show, 4-2-12 Atheists like to present themselves as lovers of reason and science on a crusade to expose the irrationality and superstitious tendencies of religious believers. Don and Brandon spend the show examining this claim. Along the way they read a...

Universalism and the Story of God

The Don Johnson Show, 10-3-11 Which side of the abortion debate relies on science, reason, and evidence to support its positions and which side uses nothing but metaphysical abstractions and emotional appeals? Don and Brandon discuss articles by Stanley Fish, Deborah...

“Scientific” Doomsday Cults

Harold Camping is the latest in a long line of Christian false prophets to incorrectly predict the end of the world, but as James Taranto and Dennis Prager point out, doomsday cults can be found among secular folks as well.
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