Some Things Atheists Need to Know About Heaven and Hell

Atheists often object to the notion of hell because they think it is unjust. Here is how one guy I talked to recently framed the problem: It doesn’t seem fair that God would torture a person for eternity just for not believing in him. I mean what would you think of me...

On Flowers in Heaven and Faking Your Prayer Life

The Don Johnson Show, 6-20-11 Don and Brandon respond to an article at on the impossibility of being good in Heaven and answer a listener email about whether or not you should go through the motions of religion even if you don’t feel like...

Heaven, Hell, and the Nature of Eternity

The Don Johnson Show, 3-28-11 Don discusses Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins and talks with caller Justin about whether or not people will be able to sin in Heaven.
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