Discussion with Justin the Atheist

The Don Johnson Show, 1-31-11 Don and Brandon compare worldviews with caller Justin. They discuss, among other topics, why Don thinks Justin’s understanding of Christianity is faulty and whether the accuracy of the scientific method is actually evidence for...

Conversation with Jeremy Beahan of Reasonable Doubts

The Don Johnson Show, 5-24-10 In response to listener requests, Jeremy Beahan of Reasonable Doubts comes on the show to address the issues we brought up in our April 19th broadcast and try to clarify his position regarding naturalism and determinism.

Can One be Talked Out Of Being a Christian?

The Don Johnson Show, 2-22-10 Don and Brandon talk with caller Brian about whether it is possible to be “talked out of” being a Christian. More on the Dark Ages in which we currently live, including a reference to a NY Times piece on kids and boredom and a...

Morality and Meaning According to an Atheist

The Don Johnson Show, 11-16-09 Don and Brandon talk with caller Aaron about whether atheism or theism better accounts for the data our senses provide. Specific topics include how to explain the Fort Hood shooting and whether or not life has any ultimate...

Discussion with Aaron the Agnostic

The Don Johnson Show, 5-18-09 Don and Brandon talk to caller Aaron about whether or not you can approach a topic like the resurrection without some presuppositions about the nature of reality.
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