An Atheist’s View of Heaven

The Don Johnson Show, 11-28-11 Don and Brandon talk with Emery Wang of the A Christian and an Atheist podcast. Emery called in to talk about heaven, specifically his article about why there won’t be any flowers there.

Discussion with Jason the Ex-Christian

The Don Johnson Show, 8-1-11 Don and Brandon take a call from Jason, who abandoned a version of Christianity after 25 years of belief and ministry to become a “secular humanist.” A key line from this conversation occurs at around the 1:15 mark: After Don...

Debate with Jared the Atheist

The Don Johnson Show, 4-4-11 Don and Brandon take a call from Jared, who thinks that belief in God is a stupid leap into irrationality.

Discussion with Atheist Emery Wang

The Don Johnson Show, 2-21-11 Don talks to Emery Wang, founder of and co-host of the podcast A Christian and an Atheist.
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