Truth and Religion

Almost Here

At long last, the end is in sight! Convinced is nearing the end of post production and we will have an official release date by mid-July. Stay... read more

The Radical Sexual Ethics of Jesus

November 1, 2013 Don and Brandon discuss John's Fugelsang's defense of Jesus in a debate with atheist Jamie Kilstein. They argue that Jesus was a radical teacher in regards to sexual ethics, but not in the way that Fugelsang... read more

The Atheist Quaker who Longs for More

The Don Johnson Show, 9-13-13 Don and Brandon talk about last week's caller, Don's new book, and a very interesting article by Nat Case, an atheist Quaker who still hasn't found what he is looking... read more

The Transcendence of Christianity Over other Religions

I argued below that pagan myths and non-Christian religions can contain truth and therefore believers should be careful not to go to extremes in trying to deny parallels between Christianity and other faiths. However, that does not mean that all religions are on par... read more

The Uniquely Personal and Immanent God of Christianity

In my last post, I argued that there is no need to deny similarities between Christianity and other religions. I also promised a post or two on the fact that Christianity is also very distinct from other religions. Here is the first. One unique aspect of Christianity... read more

The Evolution of God?

If there is no God, how did humans get the idea that he exists? Skeptics offer a wide variety of naturalistic explanations. One popular model postulates that the idea of God has evolved over time. According to this view, humans are atheists by default. However, at... read more

Discussion with Wesley the Atheist Ex-Pastor, Part 2

The Don Johnson Show, 9-9-12 Don talks with atheist caller Wesley. Wesley grew up Christian and attended Dallas Baptist University and Dallas Theological Seminary, receiving a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy. He then worked as a pastor for several years before giving up... read more

Why the New Testament Story is Not Unhistorical Myth

In denying the historicity of the New Testament narrative, scholars such as Dr. Robert Price argue that the gospel writers never intended the stories to be taken literally. His thesis is that authors of the accounts (whoever they might be) were simply writing... read more

What a Facebook Friend We Have In Jesus

The Don Johnson Show, 8-29-11 Is believing in God the same as believing in space aliens? Bill Keller thinks so. Can we read the Bible as basically a bunch of facebook posts from God? (This part of the discussion references articles by William Deresiewicz and Chuck... read more

Hope Without Truth is Pointless

Nice quote from Doug Groothuis: In the end, hope without truth is pointless. Illusions and delusions, no matter how comforting or grandiose, are the enemies of those who strive for integrity in their knowing and being. Statements such as "I like to think of the... read more

Believing for No Good Reason

The Don Johnson Show, 8-8-11 Don and Brandon bemoan the rampant anti-intellectualism in the culture (including within the Church). Along the way they reference last week's show, a blog post by Sigfriend Trent, and several emails and facebook posts that Don has run... read more