As an evangelist, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get skeptics to consider the faith, and how to keep those that have been raised in the Church actively engaged in it. Over the past few years, this task seems to have been getting harder and harder.

Certainly there are many reasons for this: abuse scandals and a lack of good catechesis are two that get mentioned often, for good reason. But as I talk to people around the country, there is another factor that looms even larger, especially within the last couple of years: the politicization of the faith. Young people, especially, are completely turned off by the fact that for too many, Christianity seems to be indistiguishable from the Republican Party.

This became a huge concern of mine when I was hosting a lot of radio during the 2016 presidential campaign. Frankly, I was appalled at some of the things I heard callers defend, as well as advocate, in support of Donald Trump. This was especially true regarding racial issues. 

In all my years of ministry, I’ve generally tried to stay out of politics, but this was too much. I saw friends of mine being hurt by my fellow believers, some to the point where they left the church entirely. I wrote about it here

Which leads to my new film project. This situation has not improved, and I am convinced that American Christianity (especially what author Robert Jones calls “White Christian America”) is continuing to harm the gospel with its overly politicized, and overly racial, approach. That is why I want to tell the story of how we got here, in hopes that we can reverse the decline.

I know that this is a sensitive issue, and that many of you will disagree with my diagnosis and approach. I have no problem with that. Indeed, I am thankful for you and appreciate your willingness to read this far.

But in spite of the sensitivity of this topic, I cannot remain silent. The gospel is at stake, which means that eternal lives are at stake. We must do our best to present Jesus in the clearest light possible, and I think the Church has been failing at that lately. Hopefully this film can help to be a corrective to those who would otherwise not hear the truly good news. 

I will have more details about the film soon. Please pray with me, and if you are willing, support this movie with a donation. Thank you!

God bless you,