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Love, Logic, and Lex Luthor

Don and Brandon discuss the woman who had an abortion because “she loved her son,” the problem of evil as presented by Lex Luthor, and California’s willingness to pay for your death.

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The Problem of Evil

On Bill Nye the Science Guy’s attitude towards philosophy, the L.A. Times reporter who left Christianity over the problem of evil, and 4 daily habits that will help keep your faith alive.

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On Restoring Relationships and Rejuvenating Your Parish

Don talks to Petty Ledezma of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Huntington Beach, CA about the Alpha Course and the impact it is having in their community. He also speaks to Matt Fradd, author of Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust after Porn, about the dangers of pornography and how men and women have found healing in the wake of this devastating problem.

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A Biblical Defense of the Immaculate Conception

The Don Johnson Show 12-4-15 Segment 1: Christmas lights and Charlie Brown Segment 2: Why don't secular leftists treat Islam and Christianity the same? Segment 3: This is a University, not a Day Care Segment 4: Interview with Tim Staples, author of Behold Your Mother... read more

Recent Guest-Host Spots on Immaculate Heart Radio

I've had a great time guest hosting a few shows on Immaculate Heart Radio recently. You can stream or download the audio here: The Phil Sandoval Show, November 17, 2015 – Hour 1 - MP3 Why would a person join ISIS? A: Perhaps the secular/materialistic West has nothing... read more

How Not to Evangelize

The Don Johnson Show, 11-20-15 Segment 1: Don breaks down Stephen Colbert's attempt to draw Bill Maher back to the Church. Segment 2: An interview with former atheist Devin Rose. Devin shares a bit about his journey and discusses his new book Bumper Sticker... read more

On Hell and How to Avoid It

The Don Johnson Show 11-13-15 Segment 1: Don answers a couple of listener emails about hell. Is it really fair that one would spend eternity in hell for a few short years of sin on earth, and isn't it coercive of God to threaten people with hell if they refuse to have... read more

Demons, Scientology, Atheist Pastors, and More

The Don Johnson Show, November 6, 2015 Segment 1: After Scientology, Leah Remini Finds 'Amazing' Comfort in Catholic Church and I'm a Presbyterian Minister Who Doesn't Believe in God Segment 2: Were the gospel writers just borrowing from ancient myths to make up the... read more

How to Deal with that “Forever Empty” Feeling

October 10, 2015 In the first broadcast on the Immaculate Heart Radio Network, Don talks to former atheist professor Holly Ordway about how she became Catholic and discusses why even the most successful people struggle with emptiness in their lives. Links to go with... read more

Too Cool to Be Christian

The Don Johnson Show 10-17-14 Don and Brandon break down a segment from Orange is the New Black and answer listener email about Don's conversion to Catholicism, among other topics. Links to go with the show: Smarter than Thou by Charles C.W. Cooke From Pro-Choice to... read more

On Becoming Catholic

October 3, 2014 In this podcast, Don talks about his decision to enter the Catholic Church and what that will mean for his ministry.... read more

How Not to Talk to an Atheist

June 20, 2014 Don and Brandon break down Ralph Reed's interview on Real Time with Bill Maher. Some links to go with the show: Bill Maher vs. Ralph Reed by Fr. Robert Barron The Case for Soft Atheism by Gary Gutting The Danger of Soft Atheism by Fr. Robert... read more

Why Atheists Become Christians

The Don Johnson Show, 5-23-14 Don and Brandon discuss the conversion process from atheism to Christianity. While every story is unique, there are some aspects of the journey that seem to pop up again and again. Some links to go with the show: Journey from Atheism by... read more

I Feel Good About Doing It, Therefore it is Right

May 9, 2014 Don and Brandon discuss filming one's own abortion to show the world how cool it is. They also answer a listener email about why God seems to make different contracts with different people at various times in history and how we know what rules to keep... read more

A Call to Real Life and True Love

The Don Johnson Show 2-14-14 Don and Brandon discuss the shallowness of contemporary life and how the "hook-up culture" is missing out, not only on love, but even on sex. Don quotes from Dwight Longenecker's new book The Romance of... read more

Why the Super Bowl is America’s Biggest Religious Event

The Don Johnson Show 1-17-14 Don and Brandon talk about how we celebrate the Super Bowl, why it has become the biggest party of the year in the United States, and what that tells us about being human. Along the way they discuss the nature of liturgical practices and... read more

Why Duck Dynasty is a Cultural Flashpoint

The Don Johnson Show, 12-27-13 The Don Johnson Show, 12-27-13 Phil Robertson's GQ interview turned into one of the biggest stories of the year. Don and Brandon discuss some of the reasons Duck Dynasty is such a unique television show and why the Robertson clan causes... read more

God With Us

The Don Johnson Show, 12-13-13 What is Christmas all about? Don and Brandon talk about the meaning of the incarnation by surveying how Jesus was prefigured in the Old... read more