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Did you have a favorite anecdote or story from the film? Why that one? Did you resonate with any of the characters in particular? What aspect of their experience struck home to you? This is a story about metanoia – a total transformation of one’s view of the world and approach to life. Christian Smith called it a paradigm revolution and the film tells the story of that revolution as it passes through 4 stages.In Stage 1, there is a failing of one’s current worldview. At some point in each person’s story, their non-Christian worldview proved inadequate to a) explain certain aspects of reality and b) provide a path to peace and happiness. Can you think of some examples of this in the film? Have you had this experience in your own life or heard of it in others? In Stage 2, as the search for answers intensifies, misconceptions about Christianity are broken down and, indeed, it becomes attractive. What did the converts in the film believe about Christianity that turned out to be false? What aspects of Christianity surprised and attracted them? How did they come to realize this? Have you had similar experiences in your own life? Stages 3 and 4 are somewhat of a repeat of Stages 1 and 2. People come to realize that their Protestant Christian worldview isn’t quite as strong and coherent as they thought it was, and then in Stage 4, misconceptions about Catholicism are broken down. What aspects of Protestant Christianity became an issue in Stage 3? Have you struggled with any of these same issues or interacted with people who have? In Stage 4, what did the converts believe about Catholicism that turned out to be false? What aspects of Catholicism surprised and attracted them? How did they come to realize this? What was the bottom line for these converts? Why was it so important?