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7 Reasons I Enjoyed God’s Not Dead

  I took my very-soon-to-be-teenage daughter to God’s Not Dead last night. Is it a perfect film? Of course not. (Calvin Moore has a good take on some of the movie’s weaknesses here.) But the bottom line is that I’m glad we went. It was a good reminder of some... read more

Suffer the Little Children

On October 6, 2012, 10-year-old Aman Kumar went missing from his house in Jamunapur, India. His mutilated body was discovered several days later in a ditch and three locals were arrested for his murder. They explained that they had lured Aman to their house, tied him... read more

Why Duck Dynasty is a Cultural Flashpoint

The Don Johnson Show, 12-27-13 The Don Johnson Show, 12-27-13 Phil Robertson's GQ interview turned into one of the biggest stories of the year. Don and Brandon discuss some of the reasons Duck Dynasty is such a unique television show and why the Robertson clan causes... read more

The Brutal Logic of Abortion

The Don Johnson Show, 5-2-13 Don comments on the Kermit Gosnell case. Some links to go with the show: Why Gosnell's Trial Should be a Front Page Story From Roe to Gosnell Gosnell Worker: Baby Surviving Abortion Struggled in Toilet Trying to Live The Lethal Logic... read more

Strength in Meekness

Pope Francis broke Vatican protocol again today by celebrating Holy Thursday’s Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper at a juvenile prison, where he will kneel and wash the feet of 12 inmates. In the first week of his papacy, much has rightly been made of the Pope’s... read more

The Association of Christian Car Thieves?

I recently read about a new Christian ministry that is making great inroads into a previously unreached subculture of American life. It’s called the Association of Christian Car Thieves (ACCT) and has opened chapters in 14 major American cities over the past 2 years.... read more

Should Christians Stay Quietly in the Shadows?

The Don Johnson Show, 1-21-13 This week contained many culturally controversial events: President Obama was inaugurated on Monday, which was also Martin Luther King Day, and Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Don and Brandon discuss how... read more

Why Hume was Wrong about Miracles

The Don Johnson Show, 12-17-12 How the Christmas story shows God's response to the evil in Newtown. For further reference see articles by Ross Douthat, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and Ravi Zacharias. Is it better to hold to vague and false doctrine or be openly... read more

Why Christians Must Not Abandon the Culture War

The Don Johnson Show, 11-9-12 Don and Brandon discuss several issues relating to the election, including the notion that Christians should stay away from divisive political issues. Some articles that go with the show: Rights Talk Run Amok Square None Irrepressible... read more

On Prayer, Politics, and Freedom

The Don Johnson Show, 11-2-12 Listener Josh asks, "Why does prayer work? If God always does what is best anyway, why would he take our prayers into account when acting?" How should the Christian think about politics? Don and Brandon discuss the relationship between... read more

The Fight Againist Anti-Semitism in the Church

Jules Isaac was one of France’s leading historians and intellectuals when World War II erupted in 1939. The German occupation of France cost him just about everything: He lost his position as the country’s Inspector General of Education and then his wife, daughter,... read more

Why I Don’t Let my Kids Watch Sesame Street

I'm with Mark Steyn: I loathe Sesame Street. In his weekend column Steyn notes that, among the many detrimental effects it has had on society, Sesame Street has contributed to the "de-monsterization" of childhood - the idea that there are no evil monsters out there at... read more

Yes, Carrie Underwood, Christianity is about Setting Rules

The Don Johnson Show, 9-28-12 Carrie Underwood has switched to a more liberal church because she doesn't think Christianity is about setting rules and telling people that they should be like her. During this discussion, Don quotes from this article by Brent Bozell.... read more

Drowning Out the Truth

Denise Paolucci wants to hand out iPods to Texas women who want an abortion so they won't have to hear the sound of their baby's heartbeat during the mandatory pre-procedure ultrasound. Eric Metaxes has a great column on the subject, drawing an apt parallel between... read more

Don’t Dream Away the Hand that Saved You

The clip is taken from the August 29, 2011 episode of Australian X Factor. If you don't want to take time to watch the whole thing, here is a quick summary:Emmanuel Kelly, a young man with obvious limb deficiencies, receives polite applause as he limps to the... read more

The Pastor that Rejected Christianity

The Don Johnson Show, 3-15-12 Don talks with Wes, a secular humanist chaplain. Wes recently rejected Christianity after 10 years as an evangelical pastor. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies with a minor in philosophy from Dallas Baptist University and an M.A. in... read more