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Hearts and Minds

Don Johnson and Timmerie Millington cover topics ranging from sex slavery to Beauty and the Beast on the Hearts and Minds radio show.

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How to Deal with that “Forever Empty” Feeling

October 10, 2015 In the first broadcast on the Immaculate Heart Radio Network, Don talks to former atheist professor Holly Ordway about how she became Catholic and discusses why even the most successful people struggle with emptiness in their lives. Links to go with... read more

I Feel Good About Doing It, Therefore it is Right

May 9, 2014 Don and Brandon discuss filming one's own abortion to show the world how cool it is. They also answer a listener email about why God seems to make different contracts with different people at various times in history and how we know what rules to keep... read more

How the Noah Movie Distorts the Truth about God

Let’s get something out of the way up front. I think it is great that Hollywood is making biblically themed movies and it doesn’t bother me at all that they take liberties with the text. To make a film, they have to add some extra-biblical content. So I really don’t... read more