Don fills in on the Right Here Right Now Show and discusses Morgan Freeman’s new mini-series, The Story of God.

Hour 1


Segment 1: National Geographic takes a tour of world religions: Right questions, but gives wrong answers.

Segment 2: Caller: Why do you Catholics somehow think you’ve got a monopoly on Truth?

Segment 3: Last caller continued – What’s up with the “sacrifice” part of Christianity?

Segment 4: Caller: I don’t think that faith is logical; reason is all that we can trust.

Hour 2


Segment 1: Don traces the “history of god” theory (Tyler); does it actually support the Christian worldview?

Segment 2: If there is only one “true religion”, why do so many people believe so many different things? – Don explains that the answer actually supports Christianity. Curious commonalities among all world religions.

Segment 3: Hulu’s “The Path” explores how people end up in cults.

Segment 4: How tonight’s NCAA Basketball game is an example of Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations of the people’s role in making America great.

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