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Race, Justice, and Christians with their Heads in the Sand

Do too many Christians fail to recognize injustice in our culture? That suggestion lit up the phone lines when Don Johnson filled in for Patrick Madrid recently on Relevant Radio. Listen here as Don discusses the recent racial incident at Starbucks with several callers.

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The Don and Kaylyn Show II

Don Johnson and Kaylyn Green talk current events, offer insight into scripture passages, and interview some of today’s most interesting authors.

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Cheap Sex

An interview with sociologist Mark Regnerus about his new book Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy

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What Divorce Does to Kids

Don Johnson and Kaylyn Green talk with Leila Miller about her new book Primal Loss and take calls from those who have experienced the effects of divorce on children.

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Vacationing Well

Don and Timmerie discuss the science of having a great vacation and the value of anticipating your future trips.  You’ll also hear an interesting twist on divorce from the perspective of a mom who likes her me time and kids who face lifelong struggles after their parents divorce. For a special segment Don and Timmerie are joined in studio by Patrick Coffin to discuss how self esteem exercises in school impact children.

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